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Home Staging

Home Staging Service in Glendale

Are you looking to sell a house? We know the secrets of getting prospective buyers! Our home staging methods will have that property sold in no time at all. The goal of home staging lies in creating a neutral space. This will allow open house guests to visualize themselves living in the marketed home within the first few minutes of a visit. Improve your profitability by hiring Nathalie Interior Motives for your home staging needs. Our expert personnel utilize techniques that will assist in selling your home quickly at the listed asking price.

Home Buyers are influenced by Interior Décor.

More than ever, today’s selective buyers look for homes that are ready to move into and will overlook or entirely eliminate a home that is cluttered and filled with an overabundance of personal belongings. The Nathalie Interior Motives home staging team is trained and experienced in the art of depersonalization and decluttering. Your Glendale property will be transformed and our team of decorators will make sure that your house looks neutral yet chic. We will create an ideal staging space, one that prospective buyers can picture themselves living in.

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How Does Home Staging Work?

Nathalie Interior Motives reorganizes, refreshes and repairs homes for sale in the Glendale region and highlights the best features while subtly downplaying any disadvantages. Our systematic approach to home staging offers services that include:

  • De-clutter and cleaning
  • Painting: interior or exterior
  • Lighting
  • Furniture staging
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor repair and refinish
  • Kitchen – bathroom refurbishing
  • Electrical and plumbing repair

Home staging services has nothing to do with redecorating a home according to personal taste. Instead it functions as an effective marketing tool that will help to sell your Glendale property quickly. The investment made in home staging from Nathalie Interior Motives pays for itself quickly by reducing selling time without having to decrease your asking price. When a place looks good, it automatically feels good too. When you walk into a beautiful clean and fresh space it creates a renewed and open ambience and these positive feelings will leave potential home owners wanting more.

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Neutrality is Key for Staging a Home

When your home is neutral in color and items, it creates an impartial look. A house that is full of clutter, and toys or other unnecessary objects, will serve as a distraction. People will see the mess and immediately make a decision. With your personal style adorning the walls and your family photos draped over the mantle, it’ll be difficult for a potential buyer to envision the house as their own. There is a reason why displays in furniture stores and the covers on lifestyle magazines feature décor that is beautiful yet impersonal. It gives consumers an idea and instigates possibilities; creating an internal want that encourages their personal touch.

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According to a recent profile study of North American home buyers, over 90% search for homes online before deciding to visit. Make sure that buyers visit your property, ensure a sale with professional photos of beautifully staged rooms. This will allow your house to stand out among the competition. – Call to find out more about staging your home for sale in Glendale.